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Welcome to MyMobileWeb project

MyMobileWeb is a low-cost, modular, open-standards-based, open source software platform that simplifies the development of top-quality .mobi applications and portals, providing an advanced content adaptation environment.

It includes different modules which cover all the basic requirements that must fulfill a complete and integrated mobile web site, hiding applications all the complexity related to dealing with multiple delivery contexts. MyMobileWeb uses WURFL to recognize and obtain the capabilities of devices. As a value-added feature, MyMobileWeb incorporates some experimental modules capable of exploiting semantics in a mobile environment, implementing the concept of 'Semantic Mobile Web'.



  • Javier Soriano

Research Assistants

  • Miguel Jiménez
  • Sebastián Ortega

Project Number

  • FIT - 350401-2006-2
  • FIT - 350405-2007-1
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