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Morfeo Community

Welcome to the Morfeo Open-Source Software Community

The MORFEO community works towards the following goals:

    * Speed up the development of Service Oriented Architectures-related software standards, which are key for both systems integration and the evolution of the network as an ecosystem of proliferating services

    * Create business opportunities in the field and integrate solutions targeting enterprises and the Administration based on standard platforms and applications developed within the community

    * Improve the productivity and assure the quality of open-source software-related developments that can be integrated with the standard software development infrastructure for projects of this type (Gforge)

    * Act as a catalyst for R&D&I projects in the software field that naturally integrate a range of scientific and technological agents, helping to boost R&D&I activities and the development of a strong industrial fabric in countries where the consortium members operate.


Morfeo Community


  • Javier Soriano
  • Genoveva López

Research Assistants

  • Rafael Fernández
  • Miguel Jiménez
  • David Lizcano
  • Javier López
  • Sebastián Ortega

Project Number

  • FIT - 350110-2005-73
  • FIT - 350400-2006-20
  • FIT - 350400-2007-5
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