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Morfeo EzWeb

The EzWeb project is based on the development of key technologies to be employed in building the front end layer of a new generation SOA architecture that supports the following criteria:

    * End-users must feel fully empowered,They must be able to self-serve from a wide range of available resources, providing access to content and application services, in order to set up their own personalized operating environment in a highly flexible and dynamic way ("Do it yourself", IKEA philosophy).
    * Active participation of users has to be enabled, allowing them to create resources as well as share and exchange both knowledge and resources with others and learn together, thus accelerating the way innovations and improvements in productivity are incorporated.
    * Interaction must be adapted and relevant to context, giving the term "context" the widest possible meaning, in a way that comprises both user context (knowledge, profile, preferences, language, information about social networks the user belongs to, etc.) and delivery context (static and dynamic characteristics of the device used for access, geographical and time location, connection bandwidth, etc.). Dynamic context variability and user mobility must also be taken into consideration.

EzWeb plans to evolve in the following activity guidelines:

    * Advanced Operative Environment Management
    * Resource Catalogue
    * Resource MarketPlace
    * Knowledge acquisition and exploitation
    * Advanced Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Morfeo (EzWeb)


  • Javier Soriano
  • Genoveva López

Research Assistants

  • David Lizcano
  • Javier López

Project Number

  • FIT - 340503-2007-2
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