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Morfeo MAS

The MAS services container defines a services development and deployment model that is independent of the distributed technology it uses. This makes a service accessible from different distributed services technologies, like Web Service, CORBA, Java RMI or .NET.

Having such a container, MAS is at an advantage compared with other applications servers (like, for example, J2EE containers) that have to address all the issues related to their reference architecture (a fully J2EE-compliant container covers many more issues). This lightweight container is very practical not only for reducing the cost of installing and administering a full applications server (when really only the services implementation support functionalities it offers are to be employed) but can also be used in embedded and mobility environments, etc.

The development of this container involves actively participating in organizations related to Web Service technologies, like W3C, WS-I, OASIS and OMG.


Morfeo MAS


  • Javier Soriano
  • Genoveva López

Research Assistants

  • Rafael Fernández
  • Miguel Jiménez
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