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Morfeo Smartflow
The goal of the Workflow Platform project is to define a platform that eases the development of transaction systems that:
  • Automate processes related to the electronic transaction of administrative records in the Public Administrations,
  • Automate processes related to the management of applications or claims by end users in private companies.

The project involves innovation aimed at developing technology that not only eases the construction of low-cost transaction systems in record time, but also enables the agile and flexible adaptation of these systems to new processes that need to be automated or to changes in automated processes.

This innovation covers prospecting and selecting additional technologies that should be integrated with the technologies developed as part of the project to, together, set up a comprehensive platform that meets all the needs associated with the development of transaction systems (particularly, technologies for developing web gateways and orchestrating services). This platform will underpin the commercialization of highly competitive solutions targeting both the public and the private sector.

Finally, the project involves developing demos to illustrate the platform’s applicability and goal attainment in terms of target functionality (including the above flexibility issues), reliability and performance.

In the public and private sector, the Workflow Platform can develop the concept of the electronic single window for external clients (citizen or company in the Public Administrations) and, internally the concept of paperless office, as it allows administrative processes to be transacted entirely by electronic means. The platform allows different departments or organizations, with their respective roles and responsibilities, in both sectors to intervene in the transaction processes. It also allows the integration with the organization’s existing systems and external systems, including payment or digital signature resources. Both the interaction with clients (individuals or companies) and the interaction with the personnel responsible for managing the transaction processes is channelled through special-purpose web gateways.

The provision of a platform like this will enable the development of electronic services for citizens that improve their quality of life and their relationship with the Public Administrations. Likewise, it will enable companies to boost their competitiveness by further automating customer relations management (CRM) processes, improving both the time-to-market associated with the range of products and services on offer and post-sales services, which is a key customer loyalty factor.


Morfeo Smartflow


  • Javier Soriano
  • Genoveva López

Research Assistants

  • David Lizcano

Project Number

  • FIT - 350400-2006-23
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