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The increase of the open source software development and the participation of the companies as active members in the communities, have stated the need of collaborative development tools integrating resources located in several sources as well as new applications providing the kind of management required by the companies.

EzForge project tackles the definition, development and implementation of a resource integration architecture based on emergent Web 2.0 technologies, which solves the problems of the existing forges. The model of the services provided by a forge using REST resources will allow an easier and more flexible integration of heterogeneous tools. By the other side, the use of light clients and mash-up will provide the users with an interface easy to customize according to their needs, allowing the access to different forges and tools from the same interface, which will provide a whole management of all the projects which the user has joined to, independing on the repositories where those projects are located.

EzForge will be based on the EzWeb mash-up platform, which is being also developed in the MORFEO Open Source Community.


Vulcano (EzForge)


  • Javier Soriano
  • Genoveva López

Research Assistants

  • Rafael Fernández

Project Number

  • FIT - 340503-2006-3
  • FIT - 350503-2007-7
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