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Sonia Frutos
Sonia Frutos Name:
Sonia Frutos
+34 913367398
Sonia Frutos
Address: 28660 - Boadilla del Monte, Madrid, Spain
Affiliation:  School of Computer Science. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid - UPM.

Short Biography

Sonia Frutos received her BSc in Computing in 1996, her MSc in Knowledge Engineering in 2000, and her PhD in Computer Science in 2003, all from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM). She held an official research grant for postgraduate Researcher Training from the Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture (1997-2000). She was a visiting scholar at the School of Computing and Information System at University of Sunderland (1997) and the Department of Computing Science at University of Newcastle (1996), where she worked on distributed artificial intelligence. Her major fields of study and research are Computer Networks, Web Services, Knowledge Engineering and Multi-agent Technologies applied to Distributed Systems and Web mining (user habits-awareness for Web-based intelligent systems) in which she has participated as a researcher in over 16 European or Spanish research projects. She is Associate Professor of Computing at the UPM’s School of Computer Science. She is also a member of the Computer Networks and Web Technologies Lab and the UPM’s Information and Communications Technology Research Group, and collaborates with the Centre of Computing and Communications Technology Transfer (CETTICO). She has authored or co-authored one book which won an academic prize and over 20 papers published in international journals and congresses.


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