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    WireCloud at the news!

    WireCloud was successfully used by Fi-Guardian project, winner of the 1st prize of the FI-WARE Challenges for Smart Cities @ Campus Party Brasil 2014

    See news at Rio Janeiro TV

Welcome to the next-generation application mashup platform aimed at leveraging the long tail of the Internet of Services.



Innovate through experimentation by choosing the best suited widgets and prefab mashup-lets for your devised mashup from a vast, ever-growing distributed catalogue


Generic Features

  • JavaScript pub/sub API for event-driven widgets
  • NGSI API compatible with FI-WARE Orion Context Broker Generic Enabler
  • Server-side state persistence for widgets and mashups

Wiring & Piping

Wiring & Piping

Wiring allows you to easily connect widgets in a mashup to create a full-fledged dashboard with RIA functionality.

Piping links your widgets to back-end services or data sources through an extendable set of operators, including filters, aggregators, adapters, etc.


100% FI-Ware

  • 1st OSS reference implementation of the Application Mashup GE
  • Support for linked-USDL
  • Full integration with FI-WARE's:
    • Marketplace
    • Store
    • Context Broker
    • Object Storage
    • ...

New round of FI-WARE Webinars!

On Monday (March 31) and Tuesday (April 1) we will have 7 FI-WARE's webinars open to anyone who wants to participate. These webinars are focused on the most used General Enablers at our previous Challenges and Hackathons. This way all participants in our FI-WARE Challenges can learn more about FI-WARE and FI-LAB.

You can find here the slides for the Mashup technologies – WireCloud webinar.

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