Creating a new workspace

Mashups in Wirecloud are built in the context of workspaces. A workspace consists of the set of widgets and operators that can be mashed-up, even spanning multiple tabs. Widgets and operators in a workspace can share data though data flow- or event-based mechanisms.

The workspace in use is shown in the upper-left border of the screen, concatenated to the Wirecloud logo. It resembles the well-known REST nomenclature. For example, the following screenshot shows a workspace named "Workspace", pertaining the admin user and running in the FI-WARE’s instance of Wirecloud, i.e. it is named WireCloud/admin/Workspace.

Near the workspace name there is a button that you can click on to expand the workspace dropdown menu:

Once expanded, the menu shows a list of the already created workspaces (see My Multimedia Workspace, IssueTrouble and Workspace in the figure above) that allows you to quickly switch between them, followed by a list of options:

  • Rename allows you to change the name of the current workspace,
  • Settings allows you to change the settings of the current workspace,
  • Remove allows you to delete the current workspace,
  • New workspace allows you to create a new workspace,
  • Upload to local catalogue allows you to save the current workspace to the local catalogue for later usage.

If you want to create a new workspace named "History Info", choose New workspace in the dropdown menu:

A dialog will pop up requiring a name for the new workspace. Type the desired name and click the accept button:

Once accepted, the name of the new workspace is shown in the upper of the window:

The following screenshot shows the Settings menu, where you can set workspace features:

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