Discovering Wirecloud

Web mashups integrate heterogeneous data, application logic, and UI components (widgets/gadgets) sourced from the Web to create new coherent and value-adding composite or mashups applications.

Mashups applications are targeted at leveraging the "long tail" of the Web of Services by exploiting rapid development, DIY, and shareability. They typically serve a specific situational (i.e. immediate, short-lived, customized, specific) need, frequently with high potential for reuse. Is this "situational" character which preclude them to be offered as 'off-the-self' functionality by solution providers.

Mashups applications can be manually developed using conventional web programming technologies (e.g. see But this approach fails to take full advantage of the approach. Mashup tools and platforms like Wirecloud aim at development paradigms that do not require programming skills and, hence, address end users, thus leveraging the long tail of the Web of Services.

WireCloud builds on cutting-edge end-user development, RIA and semantic technologies to offer a next-generation end-user centred mashup platform aimed at leveraging the long tail of the Internet of Services.

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